Lefties are halving the most successful coat this season

If you’re looking for a coat for this winter, we’re revealing one of the most successful this season. Well The left cut in half the coat you want and which should be in your wardrobe Before it ends It’s hot and super flattering.

We talk about its features, the discounted price and what you can take with you, and are really versatile.

Lefties halve the fur of the present

We are talking about a checkered coat with a double-breasted cross closure and large strokes. Its construction stands out because it is made of a warm fabric. At the moment it is available in sizes S, M, L and XL, so choose your size to buy it for free.

It is also a coat that is committed to sustainability. It’s within Care for fiber collection by Lefties. This means that we find it in at least 50% recycled polyester. The polyester Recycling takes place through the recycling of plastic bottles, consumes less water, less energy and less natural resources.

So in addition, you get a successful, warm, designed and durable garment. This made of 100% polyester in its entirety. This coat is completely flattering thanks to its checkered design. It is black with really subtle white squares.

How to combine success rock?

To make it easier for you to know what you can wear this cover nothing better than taking a walk around Leftie’s website where there are many other interesting clothes for sale.

So it can be combined with black sweater and pants, offers a very elegant all-black look that suits everything, both to wear it daily and to go to a dinner or party.

Lefties are halving the most successful coat this season

But it is the coat that everyone wants because you also wear it to jeans and even leggings with your favorite sports shoes and it still fits perfectly. You wear it with skirts in different sizes and also with dresses.

Pay attention to detail, because you can wear it with earrings in the form of a waterfall in silver, or in the form of bows of the same color, as they recommend in their photos from the Lefties website.

Now it’s time for the winter sale, where there are bargains at heavily discounted prices, so you can not ignore what you need. In this case the price is 19.99 euros, when it used to cost 29.99 euros, so you have it at an ever lower price.

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