Left-wing Mélenchon voters, the cake for Macron and Le Pen


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this 7.7 million voters chose the vote of leftist Jean-Luc Mélenchon Will be the key to providing the keys to Elysium Emmanuel Macron Or Marine Le Pen. Political analysts explained to EFE today that its unpredictability leaves the door open to the second round results on April 24.

with nearly 22% of the vote and Just 400,000 votes behind Le PenMelenchon’s rebellion and Eurosceptic left will be judges in the 2017 reissue of Duel. Then, the impulse of a large portion of its 7 million voters sent Macron flying in his first term (66 percent of the vote).

The problem, according to parliamentary sources in French Insumisa (LFI), the movement founded by Melenchon, is that the pro-European Macron “hates” most of the population at the end of a five-year term fraught with social tensions. “Your project is not the majority in the country”they insist.

As soon as the initial estimates came out, left-wing leaders called for ‘Don’t give Le Pen a vote’which leaves the option of abstention, blank or invalid votes or support for Macron.

But the outgoing president will not easily lure “Melangonist” militants. On election night, they didn’t stop singing one of the yellow vests’ national anthems, the social uprising that cornered Macron in 2018.

Contrary to 2017, he no longer has another stable reserve vote buffer at his disposal. Valérie Pécresse’s traditional rights are less than 5%, while François Fillon received 20% in 2017. Added to this is the new far-right Éric Zemmour, who with 7 percent of the vote asked for his vote for Le Pen.

There isn’t much wiggle room to expand on Sunday’s 27.84% last night – compared to Le Pen’s 23.15% – Macron has no choice but to look lefthe has been very critical of what he thinks is his neglect of the most popular classes.

In a statement to EFE, Professor Simon Persico of the Grenoble Polytechnic University estimated that, Macron will have to ‘overcome huge rejection’ This appealed to many Mélenchon voters.

“At the moment, the polls give Macron a slight edge on the pie, with a little more than 33 percent of voters and about 30 percent going to Marine Le Pen,” said election expert Persico. .”

The situation is different from 2017. It is estimated that only 7 percent of “Melangioists” voted for far-right candidates in these elections. Most of Melenchon’s followers are united with Le Pen due to sovereignism, anti-EU sentiment and exclusion from political and economic elites.

For Gaspard Gantzer, a political scientist and former communications adviser to the socialist president François Hollande (2012-2017), “there is no doubt that the Melenchon camp will be one of these Election judges.”

“If Macron doesn’t do a thorough job, he will obviously fail,” Ganze added.

outcast socialist

The entire left, plus the “disobedient” green, socialist, anti-capitalist and Trotekist parties, represented about a third of the electorate. The downfall of the Socialist Party (PS) was an important part of France’s recent history and raised eyebrows.

With Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo as the candidate, the approval ratings of François Mitterrand and François Hollande fell to 1.75%.

this Results significantly worsened 2017’s all-time lows Benoît Hamon (6.36%), however, was allied that year with environmentalists – who run alone in 2022 with 4.63%.

For Gantzer, who knows the ins and outs of PS, “there’s been a lack of jobs, poor candidate selection (alluding to Harmon and Hidalgo), and rooting issues.”

For his part, Persico predicts that PS “will not die anytime soon, as it still has significant local power.” However, he judged that “at the national level it is out.”


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