Left skirt with elastic at the waist for girls with wide hips


There are always clothes that hide our figure and make us feel better. That is the case skirt the left with elastic at the waist. You will love it! And it works for many occasions.

It is in two different colors, one more elegant and the other slightly more daring so you can wear it on occasion.

How is Leftie’s skirt with elastic at the waist

is skirt card with arrow buttons and elastic in the waist at the back, so it adapts to all body types. Since we know that everyone is different and no two figures are alike, Lefties offers these garments to make them fit better.

What else, has arrows and button closure contrasting on the front of the garment. It should be noted that it is made of 100% cotton, a fabric that you already have in many other garments and that you will wear with total quality.

in two different colors

We find it in sand color, a lighter tone that will serve to go to work at different times. But it is also possible to wear it during the summer holidays. If you wear it with one blazer abovethen you are the perfect boss with a really different and tempting look.

But it’s not the only color you have for yourself. It is also in pink. The one you will wear to go out to dinner or to your evening events when you are partying or having a drink. In this color you wear it with white, black and pink t-shirts. Or with those slightly more daring peaks that you must not miss.

Left skirt with elastic at the waist for girls with wide hips

Where do we buy this stylish skirt

It is available on Leftie’s website, which also has many other garments that complement this skirt perfectly.

Its price is 12.99 euros, something that fits our pocket and that you can buy right now. The available sizes are from XS to L, so just choose yours and buy it now before it’s too late.

Such garments, at very cheap prices, usually fly and especially when they are available in the online store. You can also take a look at Leftie’s website where they recommend other accessories and also stylish skirts for this time of year.

We have the print in different colors, the checkered, the narrow midi, the longer prints and the short simple ones that are especially successful in the summer, when it is hotter. Go for her now!

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