Left-handers have familiar “looks” that you can’t resist


There is still a month and a half before Christmas in 2021, but we can notice some ideas to wear our best comfortable clothes during this special period of the year. Lefties has launched a Christmas event and achieved this goal by designing clothing that can be worn by all members of the family, including our pets.

Lefties./Lefties men’s pajamas

Browsing their website, we found some very typical pajamas for these parties. The model in red and white tones has a pattern that shows the image of Santa Claus.From XS to XXL, only 12.99 euros, despite the size They are flying!

Christmas pajamas set. It includes a long-sleeved and round-neck printed T-shirt with Christmas motifs, and printed trousers with elastic waist and elastic ribbed cuffs to provide better fit and comfort for the garment. It is made of soft and comfortable cotton fabric. The whole outfit has Christmas patterns, making this set a must-have that you can share with the whole family. It can be used by all family members”, they explained from the brand.

Slippers at home. /left handed
Slippers at home. /left handed

In order to complete this warm home dress, Leties designed sneakers that match Mickey Mouse’s face at a price of 9.99 euros. They have cushioned soles to provide greater comfort and range in size from 36 to 41.

On the other hand, nowadays you cannot miss traditional sweaters with Christmas patterns. The Spanish company designed a long-sleeved round neck pattern made of warm unisex knitted fabrics, ranging in size from XS to XL, and priced at 12.99 euros. In addition, this type of sweater will be used in later years, so it will be a good choice.

For pets

More and more brands are creating a special area for our pets so that they can wear the same clothing as us.For example, Zara has launched accessories and accessories for our pets many times. Of course, they follow the style route and adopt A lot of charm!.

Pet jersey. /left handed
Pet jersey. /left handed

The same happened with left-handers and their Christmas activities. On its website, sweaters for dogs of size S, M or L sell for 8.99 euros. It is a navy blue knit design with a print. “For our pets, being warm and having a good Christmas look throughout the family is the perfect complement. They explained that the prints on the pajamas are available for all family members to go with. What design do you prefer this Christmas?

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