Leclerc: stopped counting how many points between me and Verstappen


Charles Leclerc seems resigned to his fate and the fate of Ferrari in the remaining eight races. Currently 98 points behind Max Verstappen, Leclerc admitted that competing with the Dutchman is not an easy task.

Leclerc He started the season well with seven pole positions and three victories, but in the last nine races he has barely managed to reach the podium after countless unfortunate incidents and technical failures.

“I don’t know how many points between me and MaximumI stopped counting Leclerc he said on the eve of the Dutch Grand Prix.

“But it’s a lot of points, so we’re going to win race after race, and if there’s a nice surprise at the end of the year, that’s good.

“Obviously, looking at things as they are now, it’s actually very difficult to make it work, but there’s still more to fight for.

“For the constructors’ championship, for second place in the championship, I will fight to the end.”


Leclerc It further became clear that Ferrari had improved significantly this season, creating a strong and competitive car.

“I mean in general, I think we have a strong car,” Leclerc added.

“If you look at the first part of the season, we have always been very strong in corners.

“Actually all types of turns. Yes, at slow/medium speed we are strong, and again, especially because of the traction.

“But if you look at Spa, they were strong everywhere. [Red Bull] they were strong on the straights, they were strong in the corners. So let’s wait and see, but it should be better.”


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