Lechon Buwaya served at a birthday celebration in Davao


In Davao, a Lechon Buwaya was served at a birthday party.

LECHON BUWAYA – A roast crocodile was one of the main dishes at a birthday party in Davao.

Photo Credit: Fe Libranza Buagas/Facebook

Suckling pig is a popular food in the Philippines that is present on special occasionsfestivals, holidays and even birthdays.

One of the reasons many people love Lechon is because of its natural juiciness.

The lechon is usually a whole suckling pig roasted on the grill. But today, it has given way to a medium-sized adult pig.

The first Lechon in the country was made in Cebu in the 1920s, and the first piglets came from Talisay City.

Aside from the Philippines, the dish is especially popular in countries like Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, and Spain.

Over the years, and like any popular dish, the Lechón has also evolved.

Years ago, Davao introduced a different kind of piglet– the famous Lechon Buwaya or roasted crocodile.

In fact, it was in October 2011 that the Davao Crocodile Park inaugurated “Croctoberfest 2011”, where saltwater crocodiles were roasted in the traditional Lechon way of cooking.

Lechon Crocodile contains nutrients and other health benefits as it is low in fat and low in calories, but high in protein.

Recently, true Faith Libranza Buagas where he published a complement in celebration of the 70th birthday of his “Tiyo Poldo”.

One of the foods present in the image is nothing less than a suckling pig buwaya or roasted crocodile.

The photo immediately went viral and drew mixed reactions from netizens.

These are the comments of netizens:

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