LeBron James wants to play with Stephen Curry: the king’s ultimate dream


TI have Los Angeles Lakers already eliminated from the playoffs – this is one of the greatest defeats in the history of the NBA, LeBron James however, he didn’t have a statistically bad season, however that would just be a trigger for a star player who could be looking, despite still having a year on his contract, for a new NBA destination.

It is in this spirit that HBO show “The Store”James was asked, apparently before his departure from the Lakers, which current league player he would most like to play with.

LeBron James dream

“In today’s game? S$&, there are some motherfuckers in today’s game, but Steph Curry. Steph Curry is someone I would definitely like to play against in today’s game… Right now it’s Steph.”

“King” and “Cook” determined great rivalry of the 2010s in the NBAfacing each other in four consecutive finals, three of them with victories Golden State Warriors and one for Cleveland Cavaliersso if anyone knows the virtues of Stephen Curry, it’s LeBron James.

“I love everything about this guy. Deadly. When he gets out of the car, you better guard him from the moment he pulls up to the arena. As soon as he gets out of the car… You might want to guard him when he gets up from bed.

Also with Luka Doncic?

Clearly, for LeBron, Curry is not only the teammate he would like to have, but also another one. Dallas Mavericks superstar, he’s already pictured in the same locker room.

“Look, obviously there are other bastards out there. Luka (Doncic) could. Luca is also a bad bastard.”

History has already taught us that LeBron James has no problem forming superteams in Miami, Cleveland or Los Angeles to fight for another ring in his career, let’s see if that wish comes true.


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