LeBron James is not going to renew the contract with the Lakers: the goal of the Golden State Warriors?


TI have Los Angeles Lakersheaded by LeBron Jamesare already planning their future and therefore need to know the intentions of their star.

The Akron striker’s contract ends after the 2022-2023 season and has shown no sign of a renewal at this time.

August, key month

So said Eric Pinkus of Bleacher Report, who said no news is expected until free agency and after this year’s draft ceremony.

“The star forward is eligible for an extension on August 4, but the team will have to make most of the transfers in June and July,” the reporter explained.

So far, the player has remained silent, and the decision he makes could greatly affect the franchise.

The Lakers are stuck without a commitment from James, whose contract expires after the 2022-23 season, Pincus said.

It was far from the best season for LeBron James. The Angelenos were eliminated to the playoffs by the Phoenix Suns with no chance of playing in the postseason.

He would emigrate in search of the fifth ring

On the way to his 38th birthday, The King may consider leaving the California club and a $44 million contract as his goal will be the last chance to get his fifth ring.

on the horizon, Stephen CurryX Golden State Warriors seem like the best option for LeBron’s interests. This isn’t the first time he’s given the San Francisco franchise praise.

Ring contenders and the opportunity to play alongside Stephen Curry are more than enough attractions to see another super team in the Bay Area.

For LeBron James, the salary he can get for the rest of his time in the NBA is no longer as important as it was recently announced that he officially became a billionaire after reaching $1 billion net worth.


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