LeBron James Explains What Motivates His Son Bronnie To Play In The NBA


This last year LeBron James openly admitted several times that he would do everything to play on the same team with his son Bronnieeven if it means leaving Los Angeles Lakers.

In the last episode scoreJames spoke about the motivating factor that encourages his son to play NBA. While Bronnie is ineligible for the draft until 2024, there is little doubt that the franchise will pick him just to get his dad on the team.

“Not long ago I said… I asked him, I said, ‘What do you want to do with it? For example, do you want to reach the professionals? What do you want to do?” He’s like, “Yes.” I said why? He said, ‘Because I want to make a name for myself“, – explained James. – And when I heard it, I was like … I said: “Well let’s fucking understand.

“By the way, I changed his name to Bronnie. I didn’t. I made him junior. But he’s Bronnie. And he’s Bronnie for the world.”

bronnie james mixtape

Bronnie is currently playing for EAU team and his official ballislife The third volume of the mixtape just came out on Friday. His jumper is much sleeker than his father’s and shows bursts of unusual athleticism.

During an episode of The Shop, King James also explained that in addition to playing with his son, he would like to play together Golden State Warriors guard Stephen Curry. When it comes to NBA stars from the past, his dream duo will be with Scotty Pippen.


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