LeBron James could join forces with his son after Lakers contract expires


lEBron James reportedly may leave Los Angeles Lakers after his contract comes to an end in 2023 to join forces with his son, Bronniebefore he announces his retirement.

LeBronson is now in his third year at Sierra Canyon High School and has already become one of the most talented youths in the US due to his performances.

LeBron loves Los Angeles, loves raising his family in Los Angeles, and his post-career business is in Los Angeles,” according to ESPN. Brian Windhorst told Maxim.com.

“But he has made it very clear that he wants to play with his son. If such a situation is possible outside of Los Angeles, he will use it.

LeBron Raymon “Bronnie” James Jr.17 years old and he will be eligible to play in the NBA in 2023 when LeBron turns 38.

“You want to ask me: “What was the biggest achievement in my life?” James said UNINTERRUPTED back in 2018.

“If I was on the same court as my son in the NBA, it would be #1 in my life as an NBA player.

“I was thinking about it because my son is about to turn 14 and he might be able to get there a little earlier.”


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