LeBron James and his wife Savannah got identical tattoos in honor of their children


LeBron as well as Savannah James recently showed great pride and joy for their children, Bronnie Jr., Bryce Maximus as well as Jury James.

And it’s no surprise that LeBron and Savannah chose to honor their children in a special way, given that the older boys are currently being watched by NBA recruiters.

Recently LeBron and Savannah visited a tattoo parlor Beneficial tattoo to get the appropriate ink. Letters “BBZ“Inked on the arms of Savannah and LeBron, along with a crown representing Bronnie, Bryce and Jury.

The initials of their three children were inscribed on him and his wife Savannah late Thursday night.

Bronnie got his first tattoo recently from the same famous tattoo artist. Last week, the tattoo artist showed the finished work on his page on the social network. He apparently got several tattoos during the séance, including several on his neck and wrists, although it is not known what the tattoo was.

A family united by the love of basketball

This summer, the family spent a lot of time together, and earlier this month, the king and his two sons even managed to shoot a hoop Lakers“Court Practice”.

LeBron was delighted that Bronnie and Bryce would play together in organized basketball for the first time this week while they were in Europe.

James wrote: “Dude, I am literally watching Bronnie and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation. This is madness!! I AM EMOTIONAL AF!! WOW”.

LeBron has previously said he hopes to play in NBA with Bronnie before he retires. LeBron said that as long as his son is selected by the same team, it doesn’t matter which team he plays for. However, LeBron seems to have time to wait as it won’t happen until 2024 at the earliest.


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