Leave everyone speechless with Zara’s satin dress


With the arrival of spring and soon summer, the best dresses return to the stage. Especially satin dress by Zarawhich is a great option for those women who want to look amazing at their evening events.

It is a fantastic alternative in an underwear model that will cause a stir. It is bright and for different seasons.

How’s Zara’s satin dress

This midi garment with V-neckline and thin adjustable shoulder straps adapts perfectly to each body and has certain different properties, such as its abopening and elastic on the backwhich releases what covers the legs but exposes the back, to give the outfit a little mystery.

In a gray color that blends in seamlessly with everyone Footwearaccessory or coat you want, you can get it in sizes from XS to XXL, more than enough options to find yours.

Towards sustainability

And it’s a garment that belongs “Join Life” range of Zarabecause the ones they produce themselves are labeled with technology and raw materials that reduce the environmental impact of these articles, which favors a lower carbon footprint on planet earth.

Leave everyone speechless with Zara's satin dress

With monitoring programs that guarantee compliance with safety, health and quality standards for these products, including the one called Green to Wear 2.0, by wearing this dress, you contribute to the Inditex The List program, which aims for a more conscious fashion.

When it comes to the materials used for its preparation, both the exterior and the lining are made with 100% recycled polyesterwhich is created from the classic PET, like that of plastic bottles, which gives it a new opportunity.

As a result of this treatment, not only does the need for virgin raw material decrease, but it also requires less water and energy; get a brand new polyester, strong, durable, durable over time and which at the end of its life can be used again.

And how much does this cut-out satin dress from Zara cost?

It has a very affordable price. We’re just talking about € 35.95 for a premium product from a reputable store.

Considering both the final finish of the dress and the concept through which it arrives zara catalogwith respect for the environment, is a very interesting solution given the spring / summer season.

In fact, some prestigious international certifications are included in the value of this article, such as the so-called Global Recycled Standard (GRS) and the Recycled Content Standard (RCS).

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