Learn how to cut bangs in a few simple steps


It’s time to change.Change has become a ritual Beautiful look Every time we start a new season. For a few days, fall It has been officially released, so it’s time to make a new decision.We want to recapture this back to school More energetic than ever, what better way to reduce losses, and it will never be better.Indeed, in the summer, we put it aside for convenience Bangs, Because if it is difficult to tame them in their natural state, this is especially true when the sun tracks us and the water and sea water in the pool splash on us.

María Pedraza wears curtain bangs. /Gtres

What do we need to cut bangs at home?

In order to cut bangs, it is essential that we have the following tools on hand.

-Hair comb


-Water spray




Hiba Abouk chose blunt bangs.  /Gtres
Hiba Abouk chose blunt bangs. /Gtres

Steps to follow

It is very important that we have patience in this process, because although it seems simple, we must be careful when cutting, because if we are in a hurry, the result may be catastrophic. That’s why, the first thing we have to do is to comb all our hair.

Once we put down our hair, we have to make a decision What kind of bangs We want.From Look We will provide you with steps for cutting bangs, including blunt/curtain type and straight type.

Curtain bangs

1- We make the front part into a triangle and take the amount of hair we want to design the bangs. In this way, our hair will be divided into two parts, so the part we don’t need will be tied up with loose hair, and the rest of the hair will be loose.

2- Use a comb to separate the hair from the two sides, just like the sides of a triangle, taking the measurement of the eyebrow bow as a reference.

3- Wet the bangs in order to be able to calculate the length well, but it is important not to wet too much.

4- After selecting the length, hold it horizontally with your index and middle fingers, and then turn your hand until the fingers point to the other side.

5- Now the important thing is here, take the scissors and cut in a straight line. After twisting the strand, when it returns to its natural state, it will fall in a staggered manner.

Straight bangs

1- As with the previous example, this time, we will take the same reference and lock the mane of the bangs we want to be triangles.

2- Then we will make a basic braid.

3- Finally, we will cut into a straight line. Look! The result will be ready in a few seconds.

Violeta Mangriñán joined the trend this fall.  / Instagram @violeta_mangrinyan
Violeta Mangriñán joined the trend this fall. / Instagram @violeta_mangrinyan

Tips to consider

1- The important thing is not to get wet on the bangs you want to cut.

2- Consider not to cut too much in the first pass, because in this way, whenever it dries out and gives the final shape to comb it, it will be shorter, so it’s always better little by little. Otherwise, there is no turning back.

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