Leaked: Icardi’s letter that returned Wanda Naru


The’s a drama in between Mauro Icardi and Wanda nara seems to be over, but the story continues to write new chapters

Nara posted on Monday night confirming that the couple reconciled after Paris Saint-Germain The forward wrote her a letter that she said was the key to getting her to forgive him and to give him another chance.

Now the letter has been discovered and recovered Ioannina Latorre in Los Angeles de la Manana.

“I showed you again what I told you.” Icardi wrote.

“I never lied to you or made anything up, I just made a serious mistake.

“You signed everything we dreamed of eight years ago, what we wanted to do together and build the future together.”

The letter continued, and Icardi showed how his emotions were torn apart by the thought of the couple’s divorce.

“I told you to ask for a divorce, but inside it is the worst thing that could happen to me,” Icardi added.

“I hope you like everything now, but I know I’m not a bad person.

“I am a good person and I gave everything to you. You know it, everyone knows it. I am a great father, I give my life for my daughters, and I am proud of it. I am an excellent stepfather too, and from the first minute I gave my life for these children to make them happy. I don’t need anyone to say this because I know it.

“I am not interested in material things. I have always given these things to you. I am a millionaire, but I dress in clothes from H&M and Amazon. You know that well.

“As a result of all this, I can no longer put up with your mistreatment of me, your neglect of me, your ass with me, as always. All this and much more. I’m not part of Shit and I don’t deserve it. Hope you are happy with your material things.

“Now you want to screw up, you want to write with these guys. Hopefully the next player is one percent of who I was to you. You ruined everything with dirty talk that meant nothing to me. You are blind and you cannot see beyond the phone. You just want bulls ** t and you send it all to the press.

“I never expected this from you, but I am real and I know that people change. Thank you for everything we have been. Thank you for the two daughters you gave me. Thanks for the support I needed and sorry for being the crap I was and losing it all over one mistake.

“I hope you’re happy, you deserve it, even if you don’t find him by my side.”

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