Leading Law firm for Online Marriage in Pakistan

Online Marriage in Pakistan

Law firm for Online Marriage in Pakistan:

If you are looking for a law firm for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. It could file a claim for recovery of maintenance allowance in the Court in the territorial jurisdiction ion of which the cause of action wholly or partly arose or where the parties resided or lastly resided together for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. After Online Marriage in Pakistan (Lahore), U need to register your marriage by the Online Marriage Registration in Pakistan Process. The Procedure of Online Marriage Registration & Online Marriage Procedure in Pakistan is not a very difficult for our lawyer.


Original School Certificate of the parties’ son showed that he was studying at place “R.” The wife’s Contention that she was living at place “R” was not without force in the circumstances. Non-payment of maintenance gave rise to the cause of action. From such an angle, the Family Court at place “R” was competent to hear the suit. The convenience of females was to be kept in view in marital disputes and family disputes as they stood on weaker footings in society.

section 25A:

While deciding an application under section 25A of the West Pakistan Family Courts Act, 1965 the realities of life must be kept in view. To avoid conflicting verdicts, thin the circumstances the non-payment card by one Court for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. Application for transfer of petition to place “R” was allowed in the cases. Husband has no objection to transferring his suit, as prayed for by wife suit was moved accordingly. Given the fear of life at place F as entertained by husband, it gave direction to police to give protection to housing the circumstances go-to place F” to appear in the Court.”. Suit for return of marriage gifts was in question. Transfer of such claim to (N.W.F.P) from Civil Court/Family Court (Sindh). The subject of a dispute concerning S5 of the said Act was in question.

Court Marriage in Pakistan:

The suit at (Sindh) for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan had to be a civil suit, and in case it was so, the jurisdiction to transfer it under S. Husband filed a lawsuit for restitution of conjugal rights at home “D’.” Husband had refused to accept notice of transfer application, thus, was preceded ex parte. Both the suits were consolidated at place “G” Suit was pending before Family Court at place “G.” Petitioner sought transfer of the case to site “M” on the ground that both parties were now residing at home “M and Petitioner being a parda nasheen lady were facing hardships appearing before the Court at place G for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. Petitioner had obtained an ex parte decree against the respondent and the application of the respondent for setting aside.

Court At Place:

The same was pending before the same Court at place “G” that was likely to be decided quickly. Held, Petitioner had herself chosen to file suit at place “G,” and Court was not supposed to oblige the Petitioner merely for the reason that she was no more resident at the given address after the filing of the suit. No useful purp0se would be served if the case was transferred at the request of the Petitioner for online marriage in Pakistan or court marriage in Pakistan. Transfer application was dismissed in the circumstances. Cases regarding family disputes between parties and such issues as could be offshoots of such conflicts should better be tried by one and same Court to avoid conflict of Judgments.

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