Leading Female Lawyers in Pakistan For Women’s Rights

Female Lawyers in Pakistan

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Female Lawyers in Pakistan and Women’s Rights:

It will have to be accepted that women’s rights are human rights and female lawyers in Pakistan are a pillar. The 20th Century brought to women the realization that current concepts of democracy and human rights had been unsuccessful in addressing their real issues, which in their basic part were shared worldwide. ADV Nazia Ali is the Expert Lawyer in Lahore & Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan for Services of All Kind of Case. Now Choose the Female Lawyers in Lahore Pakistan & Lawyers in Lahore for legal Matters. These issues had a direct nexus to global political and economic developments. Women of the world came together and made a concerted effort towards debate and change. Their voices would remain unheard, and their concerns signed 50Wng awareness that major political through female lawyers in Pakistan.


Social-economic and religious contentions had been the odd or men and had reflected their gender orientation led to the development of an entire dive or feminist analysis and formulations over recent decades. A searching interaction between and regional women’s movements then contributed towards a dynamic international women’s movement. For the first time, third world women too spoke out on issues that were culturally considered a part of the private sphere women s concerns developed into a worldwide movement as these crystallized and integrated over a series of international conferences held during the latter half of the Century. And a major battle was won when women’s rights were recognized as human rights through female lawyers in Pakistan.


In Pakistan, however, orthodoxy, custom, and habit still strongly resist the idea. Thirdly, there is already a dynamic movement in this country on behalf of women’s rights, and Circumstances will only cause it to gain momentum. Starting with women’s historical role during the Pakistan movement and the brave interventions by several individual women and women s groups during the post-Independence period. The current women’s movement began to Coalesce and gain strength following the start of a systematic bid in the late 1970s to erode their Tights, diminish their status and restrict their space in the public arena. Starting with a few groups that came together to challenge the assault, the wave grew rapidly over the subsequent two decades.

Women Movement:

Today, the women’s movement in Pakistan is not restricted to just a few isolated bodies or the traditional or ‘acceptable’ areas of operation. It cuts across all regions, groups, and classes and has begun to make inroads into areas that have been considered the preserve of men until recently. Women have begun to get their concerns recognized at the national level and have started impacting national policies and institutions due to female lawyers in Pakistan. Perhaps more in the profession than practice, the last three national plans saw some attention paid to women’s developmental concerns. The last few elections witnessed political parties directly addressing women’s concerns in their manifestos, and several national institutions included courses on women’s issues in their programs.

At the governmental level, the advocacy efforts by women reinforced no doubt by international pressures, resulted in a few initiatives:

  • Ratification of CEDAW.
  • Establishment of women’s police stations
  • Appointment of female judges in superior courts, setting up of this Inquiry Commission.
  • We are hosting a Muslim Parliamentary Women’s Conference and active participation in making solemn commitments at a series of other international-level meetings.

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