Lea Michele: “People wouldn’t say I can’t read if I was a man. The rumors are sad and sexist”


Lea Michele, one of the stars of the show exultationrecently stated that rumors that she could not read and write made her very upset and gave her trouble.

Michelle is in a Broadway musical now “Funny Girl” so she gave an interview to the New York Times in which she talked about how hard it was for her to deal with these rumors.

“I went to the set of Glee every day and always knew my dialogue. And then it turns out that there are rumors that I can neither read nor write? It is sad. It really is. I often think that if I were a man, a lot of these things wouldn’t have happened.”

Michelle, 36, defended herself by pointing out that she appeared on Glee and “knew my lines every day.”

The Funny Girl star recently joked about the conspiracy theory while speaking to a group of people, including high school students, in June.

“Guys, I didn’t go to college, and look at me… There are rumors on the net that I can’t read and write, which may have something to do with the fact that I didn’t go to college.” — joked the actress. exclusive video obtained by Page Six.

Michelle had issues with her Glee co-stars

Several of Lea’s co-stars on Glee complained about her attitude on set, many commenting that she was rude. Samantha Ware and Heather Morris noted that working with her was an ordeal and somewhat unpleasant.

Michelle took full responsibility and said that she regretted this attitude and that she had learned from it that she hoped to become a better leader for her colleagues in the future.


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