Lawyer warns Twitter fanpage accusing Alden Richards as ‘financier’ of ‘Kulto’ AlDub fans


Here is the message of the Lcda. Ralph Calinisan to Twitter fanpage accusation on Alden Richards

ATTORNEY. RALPH CALINISAN – The lawyer took to social media where he warned a Twitter fan page from accusing Pambansang Bae Alden Richards as the financier of die-hard AlDub fans.

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Previously, Maine Mendoza, the other half of AlDub gave Ogie Diaz a personal interview. In said interview he admitted that there are still fans who ask him if he has a child with Alden.

It seems that there are still fans who fantasize about the two ending up together and having a child. Apparently some fans don’t believe her, even though she has repeatedly stated on Twitter that she and Alden were never in a relationship.

Maine is now engaged to Quezon City District 1 Representative and actor Arjo Atayde. However, they have yet to reveal when they will get married.

Alden Richards has been keeping quiet until Monday, October 14. According to Cristy Fermin via Showbiz Now Na, he He denied that he married his former love team partner and had a son with her.

Recently, the Twitter fan page “ChakapusoPH” claimed that Alden Richards is the financier of die-hard AlDub fans who are circulating rumors that he and Maine got married and had a child. His source said that it is his only way to maintain his supposed “fame”.

Lawyer Ralph Calinisan, a prominent attorney and real-life partner of actress Dawn Chang, reacted to the tweet and warned the Twitter fan page to remove the post. “Strong advice, @ChakapusoPH. Delete your post. Drop whatever you’re doing,” he said.

The post on the Twitter fan page was not removed and even Calinisan dared: “nugagawen? 😂”. Some netizens believe that the lawyer could be the legal adviser to Alden’s manager or the actor himself, which is why he reacted to the publication.

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