Lavrov: Russia ‘never threatened Ukraine’, awaits ‘written response from the US’


Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Lavrov Reiterated on Thursday, At the end of a conversation with U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, That Russia ‘never threatened the Ukrainian people’ The two countries have agreed that the United States will provide a “written response” to Russia’s request next week.

The Russian president has confirmed “the talks will not end today” and they are awaiting a “written reply” promised by the U.S. government to send them next week.Lavrov noted that the U.S. defended during the meeting “Freedom of nations to join NATO” But you have to understand Russia’s position.

“We’ve made it clear that we are against the unlimited expansion of NATO, and Blinken replied to us that every country has the right to manage its security as it sees fit. Then I told him that what can’t be done is enhance the safety of some people at the expense of the safety of others“, he insisted. “Despite the differences, this is not the end of the dialogue and we must wait for a written reply from the United States.

Lavrov noted that his rejection of NATO’s eastward expansion can be traced back to issues related to the Soviet Union. “Our concerns can be traced back to the Soviet Union and appear in different documents signed with border countries with Russia. It is wrong that they are part of NATO because it encourages extremist sentiment. It happened to us Poland and the Baltic states are setting the tone for NATO and the EU and get others to follow their policy toward Russia,” he said.

The Russian foreign minister reiterated that Russia’s so-called intention to invade Ukraine was a “smoke screen”. “So far, Russia has never threatened Ukraine, the Ukrainian people or the elected representatives of the Ukrainian people. This is the hysteria provoked by our peers That is, if they are not going to provoke action on the Ukrainian side, they may want to undermine the Minsk agreement.”

The Russian president insisted that the talks would not end with the meeting and that “we will have to wait for a written response from the United States next week to see if they are on the right track.”

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