Laura Escanes has a new boyfriend: about Mr Jägger


Laura Escarnes New love ten days after announcing his Separation of Risto Mejide. This is Alberto Redondo Jimenez, although everyone knows he is Mr Jagger. Born in Madrid 29 years ago, this streamer After his marriage to the Catalan host ended, he stole the influencer’s heart so much that he turned the page.

This new love story has shaken the foundations of a social chronicle, unable to cope with so much news in recent days.that’s a magazine reading He has been in charge of covering the beginning of the courtship in which Escarnes eventually left his daughter’s father behind. The couple’s circumstances have slipped, they’ve known each other for months, but a romance has now occurred. None of them have confirmed or denied the information so far, but most of the headlines echoed the sentimental bombshell.

It is difficult to pinpoint the first connection between Laura Eskanes and Mr Jagger, although the social network, which has been on fire since this afternoon, has given some clues. A few months ago, the influencer started dabbling in the world of Twitch, specifically the Minecraft video game. TortillaLand is a server for both of them to be streaming at the same time, which might be the starting point.

Mr. Jagger started his journey on the platform with YouTube videos more than a decade ago. He has a sometimes eccentric personality and a passion for video games, movies and heavy metal music. This isn’t the first known face to be associated with it, as it is linked to activist and adult film actress Amana Miller.

Laura Escanes’ new emotional hallucination was a hit at last June’s festivities 2nd year nighta boxing match organized by his good friend Ibay Llanos This brings together well-known faces like David Bustamante, who is exactly that Fight with Mr. Jägger.

So the influencer could have found love again in the arms of the Madrid man. On September 25 last year, he announced his farewell to Risto: «I don’t like goodbyes, I have been writing and deleting this article 82627292 times. I don’t think it’s a goodbye either, because I know we’ll always have each other no matter what. It’s been a wonderful 7 years. Also difficult. But sharing my life with you is a gift. Love doesn’t end. Immortal. I will continue to love you for the rest of the day (…) We achieved our dreams, built a wonderful family, and created our path together. I want people to live and feel a quarter of what we feel. That’s love ❤️,” she wrote.


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