Laura Escanes: all the details of her last kick to Risto Mejide


Between the sky and the clouds. It could well be that the state of mind of Laura Escanes, to whom life smiles after separating from Risto Mejide, but the truth is that the title he has chosen to baptize his new work. The influencer had been feeding the intrigue of her followers for days, assuring them that she had something important to tell them. And a few hours ago the wait has come to an end, with a surprise included for locals and strangers.

«☁️💓 BETWEEN THE SKY AND THE CLOUDS 💓☁️ I present to you my new projected! This time alone… MY PODCAST 🫠☁️ You will have it exclusively on @podimo_es from 11/29 and you will be able to listen to it and what you have asked for so much… SEE IT! 👀 I do not want to reveal much more but every 15 days you will have an appointment with me 💓 (and maybe with someone else 🤫🤫🤫🤫),” he wrote.

First of all, it is remarkable that Laura Escanes wanted to continue making this type of content. It premiered on the podcasts by Risto Mejide and his already famous Baby but what do you say. In it, the ex-marriage recounted his intimacies and opened up as a couple to the general public. The presenter even went so far as to simulate a break that finally occurred.

Laura Escanes in a premiere / Gtres

The promotional video for Laura’s new job is priceless. In it, the influencer appears sitting on a park bench where there are only couples giving each other love. She shakes her head as she leers and chats on her mobile. «My goodness, there are only people in love here», says Laura resigned. At that moment, an old woman sits next to her and encourages her: «But with how beautiful you are, you can have the boyfriend you want. One of those famous ones on TV, and then you do a program or a podcast of those for couples with him, and make people talk!”, the older woman comments. “Well, do you know what’s right?” She replies, to which her companion says: “Are you going to have a boyfriend?” “I’m going to do a podcast… but by myself”, ends while leaving the scene. A very direct hint towards the figure of the Catalan communicator.

Life smiles at Laura Escanes in every way. Her marriage breakup with Risto has done her good. With no time to lose, she has launched this important project. She combines her work as an influencer with taking care of her three-year-old daughter Roma. Together they have been enjoying an unforgettable experience at Disneyland Paris: “I don’t know if you’ll remember when you’re older, but seeing the illusion in your eyes for me has been like going back to Disney for the first time,” she wrote on her networks. Likewise, she continues to take steps to consolidate her sentimental relationship with the singer Alvaro de Lunabut both prefer to carry their romance with absolute discretion.


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