Latest images of Titanic warn of wear and tear


Company Expeditions was able to record in May last year the highest quality video to date from titanic, an ocean liner that sank in April 110 years ago on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York. Images have a resolution of 8000 pixels.

A video posted by a shipping company on Youtube demonstrates new features and unusual ship details. You can see the port anchor, hull number one, the very heavy anchor chain, cargo hold number one, and the solid bronze spiers.

Thanks to these images, you can appreciate the wear and tear of the Titanic after more than a century of being under water. Part of the railing collapsed and broke away from the ship. “I have studied the wreck for decades and made several dives, and I do not remember seeing any other images showing this level of detail,” said diver Roy Golden, an expert at the company.

Expeditions organized this trip to the Titanic with scientists, archaeologists and private individuals, paying $250,000. After a five-hour journey in a submarine, they reached the sunken ship.


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