“Last warning from the Taliban” or ISIS-K attack: who planted the bomb in Kabul?


At 3:30 pm Spanish time, it confirmed the worst omen of the last few days. A large-scale explosion at the monastery gate of Hamid Karzai Airport has killed at least 60 people and injured 140 others.

Women, children, several US Marines (at least 12 according to the latest information) and even the Taliban were all victims. The double suicide attack revealed the situation of the Secretary of Defense, Margaret Robles, Has been warning for days: the risk of attack on Kabul Airport “It exists, it is real”.

Today, thousands of people gather near Hamid Karzai Airport. They fled the country under threat from the Taliban, who regained power in Afghanistan after 20 years.

Although the Taliban intends to show themselves In front of public opinion and the international community As a mild solution, it is not the caseThey have shown their contempt for human rights and discriminatory and ruthless treatment of women and minorities in the past. Their intention is to establish Islamic law, amend the constitution and deal with the idea of ​​establishing an Islamic emirate.

A few hours after the bombing at Kabul Airport, a Taliban spokesperson said: Suhail Shahin, Posted a message on Twitter to distance himself from the attack: “The Islamic Emirate strongly condemns the bombing of civilians at Kabul Airport,” read the tweet we inserted below.

Although the Taliban regime condemned the attack, there are still people who do not trust them.The Taliban have warned of the risk of an attack on their day, and now government sources have told EL ESPAÑOL that this may be “Final warning from the Taliban”. They report: “Fortunately, they gave another warning”.

On the other hand, the Afghan branch of the terrorist organization Islamic State (IS), ISIS-K, claimed responsibility for the double attack that killed dozens of people near the Kabul airport on Thursday. This was communicated through a statement from the Radical Information Agency, Amac, Through its propaganda channels on the Internet.

Victims of the bombing at Kabul Airport.


this CNNHe quoted a US official as saying that on Thursday afternoon, he pointed out that ISIS was behind the attack, but despite the terrorist’s statement, the US administration is still working hard to confirm this.

Official confirmation may take several hoursCurrently, it is believed that one of the explosions may have been a suicide attack by a person detonating a vest with explosives.

When the explosion occurred, thousands of Afghan citizens crowded outside the airport, trying to leave the country on an international evacuation flight.

The Islamic State affiliate allegedly responsible is called ISIS-K or Islamic State of Khorasan (because the jihadists refer to Afghanistan). It was created in 2015 and is an open enemy of the United States and the Taliban.

Last Tuesday, when the President of the United States appeared in front of the media, Joe Biden, Referring to the “serious and growing risk of attacks by the terrorist organization known as ISIS-K, which is also a mortal enemy of the Taliban.”

The President of the United States warned: “Every day we are on the ground is a day when we know that ISIS-K is seeking to attack the airport and attack the United States and allied forces and innocent civilians.”

Unfortunately, Margarita Robles and the President of the United States are both right. The risk of an attack at the airport is realIn the end, the worst happened. It doesn’t matter whether the person responsible is the Taliban or ISIS-K. The problem is that Afghanistan has no master at this time. The first victims are Afghan civilians. They are involved in a crossfire that is difficult to escape.


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