Lara Dibildos breathes calmly after her mother’s health accident

Laura Dibardos Take it easy. The interpreter told her through social networks that her mother, Laura Valenzuela This made her feel a little scared about her health. “Mother gave us today Fear of age, But the two of us kept holding hands until he fully recovered.Now she is like a rose, but I have told her that she has covered her panic quota for a long time,” she explained to her followers, making it clear that the veteran actress who has been away from public life for ten years He is stable and is recovering.

Former partner Alvaro Munoz Ekasi, Take this opportunity to thank all those who accompany him in this difficult time. “Thanks to our remote care company, because in addition to being a professional, you can treat patients and family members kindly at such a stressful time. This is priceless. Thank you @hospitalsanrafaeldemadrid It’s also because of treatment,” Dibildos said. As she explained herself, she spent this Sunday with her family and took a break from the accident.

Lara Dibildos and Laura Valenzuela in the file image. /Gtres

As expected, the network has turned to the health of Valenzuela. “A little kiss for the two of us, thank goodness, this is already good,” Mar Montoro commented. Anne Igartiburu wrote a series of emojis, thus giving all her power to mother and daughter. In addition, as far as he is concerned, Poty Castillo also sends a message of strength. “My love for the great Laura Valenzuela! Courage, dear Laura!”, he said.

Lara Dibildos and Laura Valenzuela in the file image.  /Gtres
Lara Dibildos and Laura Valenzuela in the file image. /Gtres

On February 18th, Laura Valenzuela (Laura Valenzuela) celebrated her 90th birthday. After receiving the Ayres Award in 2012, the presenter stayed away from the spotlight of the media after devoting her life to seventh art and television. In fact, she became one of the most versatile faces in the 50s and 60s. «Tired of participating in one activity after another every day, she decided to retire to take care of her and my two grandchildren.. He said:’It’s over! I hope they will continue to remember that I am Laurita Valenzuela, so from now on I will dedicate myself to becoming “nonna” Laura’.Thanks to her, I was also able to devote myself to my passion: theater», Laura told the magazine Hello!.

“It’s hardly coming out now, so her favorite is that we go to see her at home, where she plays crosswords and listens to previous songs, such as Sarah Montiel’s songs,” the actress added. The aforementioned media.Immersed in the play mushroom.

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