Laporta: I often talk to Xavi and I know what he thinks about this Barcelona.


Joan Laporta wax lyrically about Xavi Hernandez during Sergi Barjuanpresentation as Barcelona interim trainer on Friday.

Decision to fire Ronald Koeman arrived late Wednesday night and Laporta made the decision to promote Barjuan from Group B on an interim basis on Thursday, negotiations are currently underway between Barcelona and Al-sadd boss Xavi

“Well very well. I have very good recommendations from people close to him. ” Laporta answered when asked what he was thinking Xavi trainer.

“I often communicate with him. Two months ago, when we supported Koeman, I spoke with Xavi… I know what he thinks about the team, his opinion and what, in his opinion, needs to be done. “

Why Laporta fired Koeman

As for his decision to fire Koeman, Laporta It was clear that the goals for this season did not look like they were about to be met.

“The situation was unstable. We needed to act. We were not on our way to achieving the goals of the season, namely to winning the trophies, ”he said.

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