Landalus and Belmonte: “We don’t distinguish between high culture and low culture”


Rose Belmonte D Emilia Landalus imagine a book written as an epistolary exchange between two friends and professional colleagues. What unites this couple? A sense of humor, first of all, or, in other words, a general point of view on the human condition and the future. As they comment in an interview, “We would write the same thing if we were traded.” They are like those mythical twins who hit twice, De Vito and Schwarzenegger, let them choose who is who.

Difficult to catalog, the book is a kind of diary. duplicitous which collects some of the writers’ life anecdotes from childhood, adolescence and later moments, such as the accident in which Emilia suffered and which nearly cost her her life. The episodes, some of them funny, are given to them for conversations on topics such as childhood, family, journalism, education, television, death…

They and their companions

Undoubtedly, one of the treasures of the book is the selection characters who were part of the life of Emilia and Rosa: the mothers of the authors, some eschatological nobleman or nun with too long an arm. Whatever, come on. Like them, all are unique in their own way.

To say that the prose of both is excellent is not to reveal anything new. His style of presentation is reminiscent of the classics, able to combine depth and comedy in one cocktail.

publisher says

“If I die, I want you to write my obituary.”


He speaks to me unconvincingly. So I try to get her out into the garden with stories that make her the funniest and exaggerate some of the other things that happened to me.

“Do I have to include all of this?” I don’t know if I remember…

“Let’s see what you put in and how much space they give you.”

“Why don’t we write a book while we’re dying?”

This is a four-handed novel written by two journalists and friends, Rosa Belmonte and Emilia Landalus, Emilia and Rosa. Two women who accidentally found themselves in journalism, without studying anything, ended up in such a job. In these hilarious pages based on unrealistic events, they reveal experiences from childhood to adulthood in hilarious episodes in which any resemblance to reality cannot be pure coincidence.

the authors

Rose Belmonte, born in Murcia, watched too much TV, she doesn’t take anything seriously, especially herself. He writes about her in the third person for this…

Emilia Landalus He is a columnist and journalist for the national section of El Mundo and currently manages the LOC app. He previously wrote for ABC. He is also a regular commentator on Es la Mañana de…


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