Lancia resurfaces to conquer Europe with a renewed image


With a renewed image and a clear commitment to design, Lancia resurfaced to conquer the European car market. To do this, the Italian manufacturer has launched a ten-year strategic plan that includes an effective range of three new models, one every two years from 2024, which will lead the brand to sell only 100% electric vehicles from five years here. With 116 years of experience and having stopped selling cars outside Italy since 2017, it opens a new stage with Luca Napolitano at the helm of the ship and a clear commitment to design, luxury and elegance.

Currently, the automaker of the Stellantis Group it markets cars only in Italy, where it is one of the undisputed market leaders. A decision which was taken 5 years ago and which will be overtaken with the arrival of Lancia at the dealerships of Germany, Belgium, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain. The ultimate goal is to make the Turin firm a credible, respected and desirable brand in the segment. prime in Europe.

New logo, new era, new models

To relaunch the brand, the car manufacturer has chosen to change its logo, but keeping its DNA. Mainly inspired by the 1957 logo, first introduced on the Lancia Flaminia, the new logo represents a real jewel, very classic in its aesthetics, where elements of simplicity and graphic purity meet elements of elegance. This new logo will be displayed on the new Ypsilonin the new flagship and in the new Delta.

The new Lancia logo is “Progressive Classic”, as it incorporates all the distinctive elements of the historical logo: the steering wheel, the flag, the shield, the spear and the lettering, reinterpreted to modernize them and project them towards the future. All these constituent elements of the brand are symbols of the nobility and heritage of Lancia, now simplified, both in terms of lines and shapes, and placed in a new balance, able to express innovation, luxury and Italianness.

“Pure” and “radical”

The Lancia Pu+Ra reveals the new design lines and the aesthetics of the next models of the Italian firm in keeping with the words “pure” and “radical”. Also, the soft and sensual forms of Aurelia and Flaminia will be found in future Lancia vehicles, associated with the most modern expressions of radicalism and simplicity, inspired by the language of furniture, architecture and fashion, as well as by the sporting history of the brand embodied by the famous Stratos and Delta.

With Lancia Pu+Ra Design, the volumes of new vehicles are created through elementary and emblematic forms, such as the circle, rectangle and triangle, and combining them with eclectic details. The result is a general language that is not typically automotive.

The automotive firm is inspired by this universe to create a space, generated by simple geometries with a radical perspective. It harmoniously combines the primary, iconic and typical forms of the Lancia tradition in a continuous dialogue between the two different but complementary souls of the brand, between the past and the future mixing the prime with the modern


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