LaMelo Ball’s career record of 38 points won’t help the Hornets against the Celtics


Michael Jordan must be more and more disappointed after watching Lamelo Ball losing 38 points, but hornets still losing the game against Boston Celtics. TD Garden was the place where the team from charlotte wanted to make a difference against a team with a very similar track record. v Celtics lost a 10-point lead in the closing minutes of the fourth quarter and were perilously close to losing the game. They had only possession of the ball on their side, and this eventually brought them victory. Lamelo Ball dropped out of the clinic at TD Garden with some impressive games. But Celtics always controlled the game until that fourth quarter. The Hornets were close to winning, but the defensive play Robert Williams and Jason Tatum were decisive in this game.

Ball always keeps hope when he knows hornets can still win in a tight game, he was the most active player on Charlotte’s side. Kelly Obre Jr.. could not compete, as he knows, today he scored only 15 points. Mason Plumley grabbed 17 rebounds, but Celtics generally performed better as a team. Up to six players hit double figures and put on brilliant defensive basketball in the final minutes of the game. In the end, hornets only hinted at a possible comeback that never happened. lamelo he was visibly upset by the result, but it was kind of out of his hands. 38 points should be more than enough to help your team win.

What’s next for the Hornets and Celtics?

After today’s victory Boston Celtics climb to a 28-25 record and rest on Thursday before traveling to Detroit encounter a Pistons. After that, they have two more trips scheduled against the Orlando Magic and the Brooklyn Nets. Charlotte Hornets dropped to a 28-24 record after today’s loss. They also rest during the day before being visited by Cleveland Cavaliers. After that, they will have three more difficult home matches against Miami Heat, Toronto Raptors and Chicago Bulls before hitting the road again.


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