Lambán refuses to reform the crime of sedition


Zaragoza (EFE).- The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, has spoken out against the reform of the crime of sedition and in favor of an increased “armament” of the State in the face of any attempt to violate the State by right.

He spoke thus of announcement by the Spanish government on the reform of the crime of sedition, which he rejects because he understands that what happened in Catalonia in October 2017 It was “extremely serious”. An attempt, he stressed, to alter the constitutional order.

Lambán recalled his position in defense of the sentence of the Supreme which sentenced pro-independence leaders to terms of up to 13 years in prison for sedition and embezzlement.

After pointing out that this phrase “perfectly calibrated” on what had happened in Catalonia, he stressed the need for the state to be “very well armed” against any attempt to alter the constitutional order, both politically and legally.

Tools against violent attempts

In this sense, he is convinced that in addition to the Penal Codethe rule of law must allow other tools to “arm themselves” against attempts to modify the Constitution violently.

However, he insisted on defending the position of the PSOE in the Cortes of Aragon. There, the Socialists rejected a PP proposal against the reform of the crime of sedition, understanding that the initiative had the sole purpose of using the autonomous parliament against the central government and weakening the PSOE in the Community.

The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán. EFE / Javier Belver

“I will never accept lessons from the PP”

“I am against the reform of the crime of sedition, but I will never accept lessons from the PP, because he has no moral authority to talk about sedition, or pacts with Bildu, or prisoner transfers, or to talk of absolutely everything that has to do with the defense of public morals”, added the Aragonese president.

For Lambán, the popular “have proven time and time again that they are capable of making a pact with the devil, and in fact they have done it with Bildu on certain occasions in the Basque Country”.

According to him, the initiative of the Aragonese PP was not aimed at getting to the “bottom of things”, but rather at using parliament for the party’s opposition strategy.

“This formation in Aragon is a pure appendage, an instrument of Genoa in Aragon and without any kind of autonomy of its own, and what we socialists will never lend ourselves to is that it be used against the Spanish government “, he added.

It’s nobody’s “puppet”

“We are not going to allow ourselves to be manipulated by them,” Lambán stressed, adding that President Pedro Sánchez “knows my position perfectly” regarding the reform of the crime of sedition.

After expressing his refusal to be used as a “ram of the PP”, he stressed that he is “nobody’s puppet”, that he defends the interests of Aragon and that he is “consistent” with his ideas and with what he thinks.

“It sometimes leads me to disagree with the president on this issue or others, which does not mean that there is not a relationship of collaboration and loyalty between my government and Sánchez”, he concluded.


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