Lambán now sees reasonable to open a debate to modify the taxes


The presidents of Aragon and Valencia, Javier Lambán and Ximo Puig, take part in a forum to promote the Cantabrian-Mediterranean corridor. EFE/Tony Galan

Zaragoza (EFE).- The President of Aragon, Javier Lambán, considered that now could be a “reasonable” moment to approach the revision of taxation in the community and modify taxes. Reasonable given the current economic context, after the covid-19 pandemic and at a time of strong inflation.

Lambán made this announcement regarding the revision of taxes despite the fact that in the legislative pact with CHA, PAR and Podemos-Equo it was agreed to maintain the stability of taxes.

circle of contacts

He argued that Treasury Minister Carlos Pérez Anadón had already started a series of contacts aimed at reaching agreements on this issue. However, Lambán assured that any changes that may occur will have to be in agreement with the parties that make up the current government.

Lambán spoke in this way when asked about the policies they adopt in matters of taxation some regionslike Valencia. There the President Ximo Puig, announced tax measures which will benefit 97% of taxpayers.

“What other communities are doing is exactly the same for me. Fiscal policy is not an end in itself.

“What other communities are doing is exactly the same for me. Fiscal policy is not an end in itself but rather a means at the service of a national model,” Lambán said. The Aragonese president also criticized Spain for “starting the house from the roof” instead of deciding first “what model of country and services do we want”.

Public services on the brink of collapse

Because, according to him, with the current financing system and the increase in costs, the provision of public services will become “unaffordable”. In some cases, they will even “collapse”, he predicted.

To do this, Lambán considers that a “very serious” problem must first be solved, such as regional financing and what type of services should be provided and how they should be financed.

This financing, he added, “must necessarily be done through taxes, with adequate taxation of investment and expenditure policies, adjusted to criteria of distributive justice and progressiveness”, in contrast to what which, according to him, is made in Spain.

By Mr. Rosa Lorca. Edited by Isabel Poncela


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