Lamar Jackson sets deadline for contract renewal talks


Lamar Jackson told reporters that the deadline for him and the organization to reach an agreement on a contract extension is Friday, as negotiations for a contract extension continue.

Jackson replied “I have no idea” when asked if he thought he was closer to a contract than before. “You have to ask the person I’m talking to,” he added.

Jackson is one of the few NFL players who present themselves during negotiations without the help of an agent, which makes this storyline all the more important as he talks to the team’s management.

As one of the NFL’s most experienced quarterbacks, the fact that he and the team didn’t come to an agreement turned into a major plot point.

It’s not clear where the parties disagree during the talks, though it may have something to do with the deal’s financial guarantees.

Jackson may have higher expectations after Brown knowingly awarded Deshawn Watson fully guaranteed five-year, $230 million contract this offseason.

Can Lamar Jackson become a free agent?

The 25-year-old superstar is entering the final season of his current contract, and if he and Baltimore fails to reach an agreement by March, the team will have to use the franchise label on him or he can sign with any team as an unrestricted free agent.

Jackson’s salary under the exclusive tag will be $45 million. It is expected to be operational in 2022 $23,016 million.

Jackson missed five games last year, but was still selected for Game 2. Pro Bowl. in his 12 games playedI finished the season 2,882 passing yards, 767 rushing yardsas well as 18 total touchdowns.


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