Lakers news on LeBron James return from injury


Lebron james currently recovering from a rectus abdominis strain suffered on November 2 against Houston Rockets… Since then, the Lakers have struggled to get back to the winning streak they had since Lebron on the court.

However, the last two games have been positive for the Los Angeles squad. Anthony Davis, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony opposing Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat… But last night they lost Minnesota Timberwolves with an alarming result of 107-83.

Trainer Frank Vogel It was recently revealed that LeBron has already returned to training, struggling to get back as quickly as possible, but the latest injury report is not as promising. Ball Lakers Harrison Feigen just announced that LeBron is still out next Sunday against San Antonio Spurs

He still has some abdominal pain and cannot recover for the next game. Most likely, it will stop working for another 7-10 days. But not all is bad news for the Lakers, who have several important results in Sunday’s match at Staples Center. Return of the player who broke his finger on October 8 in the match Warriors

Who will be available for the Lakers on Sunday?

Talen Horton-Tucker was the man who broke the tunb during the October 8 game against Golden State Warriors… The injury report confirms that he will likely be back on Sunday. Another player who is likely to return is Anthony Davis with another restoration of the thumb sprain.

Kendrick Nunn and Trevor Arisa are also in recovery with related injuries. But the biggest question remains: is it possible Lebron james return soon or is he already suffering from the inevitable wilting that comes with his father’s time? If they take another loss like last fridayJames could have just jumped on the court despite his abdominal injury.

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