Lagging bull lengthens second Sanfermines bull run


A stray bull that resisted entering the pens caused second run of the Sanfermines bullswith signals from Fuente Ymbro, lasted until 3:10 minutes after the race, which until then had been fast and exciting and apparently without any injuries from pole position.

After the traditional San Fermin chants and the launch of the rocket at eight in the morning, the herd left the paddocks on the slope of Santo Domingo under cover and led by halters a short distance from the horns and so they did most of this section.

The first contact with the runners was clean, although the group’s speed led to several falls already in these first meters, but this did not slow down the race.

Thus they reached the Consistorial Square, where the bull was placed in front, avoiding several young men who had fallen on the right bank, and thus they crossed this section at high speed, and also the Rue Mercaderes.

Having reached the corner with the Relay, the runner fell in front of the herd, which swept over him, but did not entertain him, approaching the left side, which rolled for several meters with several young people falling on the roadwhere one of the animals separated to make the rest of the journey already at a distance from their fellows.

The herd sprawled out on Calle Estafeta leaving gaps to show off to the powerful horns of Fuente Imbro and splitting into three groups, they headed towards the Telefónica section, where there were moments of tension at the fence, one of the sections in which several runners were injured.

The entrance to the arena of most of the toradas occurred without incidents worthy of note, although with some falls inside the alley, and was the bull that was left behind the one who became the main character by refusing to enter the pigsties, forcing the voice actors to intervene.

For a few moments it seemed that the race was over, but the bull returned to the arena again, which lengthened the race, which until then had been fast, as is usually the case with this Cadiz herd.

According to the first medical report, six people were hospitalized five with bruises and one for trampling


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