Laeticia Hallyday, “Sad”, attacking the clip of Eric Zemmour


DA few days after his campaign video was broadcast, Eric Zemo Still criticized by critics. Whether they were criticized or highlighted in multiple video clips used in the advertisement, many of the cited people and their beneficiaries were not satisfied. This is especially true of Johnny’s widow, Laeticia Hallyday, who accused the candidate of “misappropriating” the image of the late singer, and in her video announcing his candidacy for the president, she indicated that he was considering prosecution.

Since the video of Eric Zemmour was broadcast on Tuesday, many media and people have protested that far-right debaters used their pictures in this video without their knowledge, and some of them have asked to withdraw from the YouTube video sharing platform. In this clip, he particularly aroused the support of “Gabin and DeLonghi’s country, Brigitte Bardot With Belmondo, Johnny and Aznavour, Brasens And Barbara”. Johnny Halliday Appeared in black and white files to sing, close-up.

“This is a publicity that won’t please Johnny”

By using these images, Eric Zemur “trying to divert Johnny’s image for the benefit of propaganda” condemned the singer’s widow in a press release. “This error should not only be condemned because there was no request and no authorization was granted as a result. It also constitutes usurping and showing the author’s disrespect for the symbols embodied by Johnny, and disrespect for all who truly miss Johnny,” Leticia Halliday added, “The allegations [son] It is recommended to consider all necessary prosecutions”.

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Asked on RTL this Thursday, Laeticia Hallyday claimed to be “sad” with the video. “It is impossible to use the image of the artist for political purposes in the campaign. The image of Johnny, a person who no longer exists. This is not propaganda. Johnny will not like it, he will not like that,” she regretted. “I am shocked, I think I am not the only person, it is necessary to condemn it, respect the right to image, and condemn this abuse,” she concluded.

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