Lady Dis’ style is back: Zara and Mango have the shirts Diana would wear


Lady di Follow be a fashion icon, their wool sweaters marked an entire generation and during this year 2021 they are a trend. We remember the most country Diana with shirts with borders or details that have gone down in history, for example sweater with sheep woven. The princess in the city had a very simple taste, she was still an almost girl who only 21 years old took on one of the most difficult tasks in the world. She married the heir to the crown of an entire empire with the pressure to one day become queen. With these jumpers from Zara and Mango We will remember the style of a princess who did not rule, but in 2021 she would do so in the fashion world.

These are the shirts that Lady Di would wear from Mango and Zara

A most original edge comes from the Zara sweater. An 80’s style, perfect for exploring the Scottish meadows or Spanish parks, it is warm and very original. With jeans or a skirt, we will enjoy a comfort worth Lady Di for less than 30 euros. This sweater looks like something out of a queen’s wardrobe.

In white and with a spectacular braid, we find this jewel It looks like handmade from Mango. It’s the kind of jersey that would make Lady Di fall in love, with a special light like the one she showed. This 2021 does not stop with dark colors, white is also an option. They are 39.99 euros well invested in a garment that will not go out of style.

Lady Dis' style is back: Zara and Mango have the shirts Diana would wear

Bobo neckline on this Zara sweater and pastel colors They make it into a garment that looks like it was picked up from a vintage store in central London. It is a wool sweater that stands out and that Lady Di would surely have loved. It has the feeling of romance that everyone fell in love with. Simple and with retro air, it is a good alternative for autumn, winter.

This combined knitted sweater looks like something from the English countryside from the mid-90s. It is one of the garments that stands out for its elegance and style. We can take it for an afternoon of excursion in search of mushrooms or to come to the office warm and with the most original air. A good Mango bet that costs only 39.99 euros.

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