La Vecina Rubia introduces tights for Calzedonia, revolutionizing the fashion world

No one knows his name or his true identity, but this is not a problem for them Blond neighbor, One of the most loved influencers on social networks, and one of the most followed people. She has a huge following army of more than 2,800,000 people. Not only does she support her and like each of her posts, but she is also her most loyal fan, buying products recommended and created by her. His name is already synonymous with success and can be found in bookstores and bookstores. At the boutique For example, Calzedonia has just released a sensational series.

Tattoo Print Pantyhose The Neighbor Blonde / Calzedonia

Women’s tights and socks are beautiful and perfect on the coldest days. The instagramer is widely known in her “friend chat”, which did not disappoint her, she already owns one (or more) of these items.It’s not for cheap, not only because of its great design, but also because it’s a temporary sale, because as the advertisement says Calzedonia It will be on sale on its website until November 11.

Amiga La Vecina Printed Pantyhose Blonde / Calzedonia

«In the past few months, we have designed a series of exquisite leggings and socks, which are now available for purchase on the Calzedonia website and store.I hope you like it and feel the love behind this beautiful story,” he wrote a few days ago Blond neighbor Show off your new project in a personalized way Four types of stockings, The most significant part of the capsule. »
It is an elegant pantyhose series with exquisite heart-shaped prints with diamond-shaped tops, vertical line models connected with beautiful “dance, shine, dream”, LVR version of tattoos 😉 and original pantyhose with phrases , Socks and many brillibrilli »complement each other.

With this definition, the success was almost immediate, and it was soon announced that due to the warm welcome, the series was almost sold out on the website, but luckily, it can be restocked within a few hours, and now all models Both and sizes are available. Although socks may be overlooked, they are another option to consider. Styles in five different colors: white, gray and black. The patterns are suitable for all tastes, from the words “diva”, “drama” or “brilli brilli” to the now-famous “I can do anything” and “beautiful to get up early”.

Socks / Calzedonia

As if this is not enough, all products Blond neighbor Created with Calzedonia at an affordable price. A pair of socks 5’95 Pantyhose is gone From 9’95 Euro to 14.95 Those that have the cost of stitching patterns and friend patterns.The price is suitable for all audiences who turn these clothes into commodities must winter.

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