‘La que se avecina’ returns to the screen with two great absences and a controversial characterization


After many weeks of waiting, it was on November 18, 2022 when a new season of The one that is coming, specifically the thirteenth, on Amazon Prime Video. A recording that filled the most faithful followers of the series with illusion, and that has been surrounded by controversy both due to some great absences and the physical changes of some of the protagonists.

Look at Ibarguren in ‘La que se avecina’ / Telecinco

Although the idea that José Luis Gil and Cristina Medina would not appear in the new episodes of the emblematic series of the Mirador de Montepinar urbanization was already clear, now all eyes have fallen on one of their co-stars. This is none other than Miren Ibarguren, in charge of giving life to Yolanda Morcillo in fiction. What nobody could imagine is that the actress would be subjected to a arduous characterization work with multiple facial prostheses and a suit to hint that his character had suffered a considerable weight gain after quitting smoking, something that the audience does not seem to have liked at all.

Look at Ibarguren in 'La que se avecina' / Telecinco
Look at Ibarguren in ‘La que se avecina’ / Telecinco

In a matter of days, many have been the comments that have been seen within the 2.0 universe and that cross out The one that is coming of being a series loaded with “fatphobia”, since it is believed that its directors would have tried to make being overweight a somewhat humorous subject, and could end up hurting the sensitivity of a large part of the viewers who could be experiencing health problems due to having a few extra kilos. And it is that, in some scenes you can see how some close to Yolanda within the recording come to put a padlock on the fridge, in addition to forcing her to look in the mirror and call her fat in an endless number of variants of the word.

Be that as it may, these comments do not seem to bother the Gipuzkoan interpreter at all, who without any qualms, has shared the entire characterization process through her Instagram account and hints that it has been a great effort on the part of everyone makeup and wardrobe team to make even some people wonder if it is Miren or another substitute actress. And it is that, this twist in the plot of Yolanda Morcillo would have taken place as a result of her pregnancy in real lifereason why in The one that is coming they would have tried to hide the advanced state of pregnancy of their partner to create a very different plot around her, without also having to make believe in fiction that she is expecting a baby.

It will be in the coming months when Ibanguren gives birth to her son with Alberto Caballero, one of the creators of the series, this being their second offspring in common. So, for the moment, everything indicates that the audience will have to get used to seeing Miren with this fictitious added weight.


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