Kyrgios admitted that he spat at the viewer: He told me that I’m a piece of shit


Nick Kyrgioswho won his Wimbledon debut in five sets, admitted to spitting at a spectator who insulted him during a match against the Briton. Paul Jubb.

The Australian, who argued during the match with a chair referee and a lineswoman, admitted that he also had problems with the crowd that insulted him, and that in response he spat at them.

“It was disrespectful. Someone insulted me, called me a piece of shit, from the crowd, is that normal? No. I don’t understand why this happens all the time,” he said. Kyrgios at a press conference who did not blame the tournament.

“I love Wimbledon. It has nothing to do with the tournament. It’s just a generation of people who think that because they’re on social media, they have the right to say whatever they want, and they still do it in real life.”

“Because there is a fence and physically I can’t do anything, I can’t say anything, because I will get into trouble.”

At the press conference Kyrgios asked if he had spit on anyone in the crowd.

“One of those who didn’t respect me. Yes, yes, I would not do this to someone who would support me, ” Kyrgios said.

He also confirmed that he called the woman on the line a “snitch” and insisted that some of the officials were too old to do their jobs properly.

When asked if he regretted using that term to refer to a chair judge, he was blunt: “No. Why? This is what she did. Kyrgios said.


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