Kyiv expects total victory, Putin announces ‘reorganized’ forces to fight back against Kherson


fast and powerful. The President of Ukraine defines it as, Vladimir Zelenskyhis troops advance in the northeast and south of the country. After a weekend trip to Liman City, penetrate this monday Luhansk Provincetheir counter-offensive was concentrated in the southern area of ​​Kherson.

Along the Dnieper River, Kyiv has been liberating many towns, driving the invaders back 40 km in two days. For hours, Russian troops try to rebuild their defenses in the town of Duchanyunsuccessfully. They keep going backNow Ukrainian troops are closing in on the regional capital (Kherson), the only major Russian-controlled city in the West Bank, and taking control of the city will bring Kyiv one step closer to the victory Zelensky has often promised.

The Kremlin itself has acknowledged territorial losses.It also does so through different channels: the first is a distribution map The Ministry of Defense then assured through its spokesman Igor Konashenkov that the Ukrainians had broken through the southern front.So the prevailing view is that the Russian military is falling apart, but What if this is all part of the strategy?

Members of the Ukrainian National Guard reload.


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Throughout the conflict, Moscow and Kyiv have used the so-called “military term”deceit”. One strategy includes deceiving The ability or intent of an adversary to keep them from knowing when and where a decisive attack will take place.This is what the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu summed up in his book art of war “Strong is weak, weak is strong”.

Ukrainian army tried to implement the plan (West Viro Donetsk) Last June, when, As Guillermo Ortiz explained in this newspaperthe troops retreated without disappearing, giving the Russians confidence and advancing as far as they could until they reached the desired point and then block and attack.

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That’s what could happen in Kherson, where Putin’s soldiers are withdrawing at breakneck speed from territory the Kremlin had annexed from Russia just days earlier. And Russia’s rout may actually be “strategic withdrawal“It’s misleading.

That’s at least what he defended this Wednesday Kirill StremusovThe top pro-Russian authority in the southern province, he said his forces “are carrying out a reorganization Strengthen yourself and be able to launch a counterattack,” he explained to RIA Novosti estuary.

Predictably, this reorganization will have the expected reinforcements.I mean, with those 200,000 reservists Russian Russia’s Defense Ministry said it has been training in various fields.

Newly mobilized Russian reservists take part in training at a shooting range in the Donetsk region.

Newly mobilized Russian reservists take part in training at a shooting range in the Donetsk region.


It is difficult to know where Moscow intends to launch a counteroffensive. However, the Russian stronghold city of Kherson is emerging as the most likely option since the invasion began.Among other things, because the Ukrainian army They worked tirelessly in that direction with little resistance.

Because if there’s anything that can’t be discussed, it’s Russia’s attempt to regain control of abandoned territories in the Kyiv counteroffensive. It is Putin who cannot help but do so. On Wednesday, the spokesman for the Russian Presidential Palace, Dmitry Peskovcommitted to Moscow will restore the lost area Arguing that “they will always be with Russia”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also spoke of the defeat in eastern and southern Ukraine. “We think the situation of incorporation into Russian territory will stabilize,” he said limiting himself to a telematics meeting. When that happens, he added, “we will be able to develop these territories calmly, and we will help them strengthen the country as a whole.”

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