Kurl-on Mattress to Enhance Your Sleep

kurlon mattress

Are you looking to refurnish your house and invest in good-quality furniture? You must ensure that the new aesthetic of your home gives you optimum comfort, and that includes a good sleeping place. We are so engrossed in our 9 to 5 desk jobs; we rarely pay attention to the sleep cycle. As sleep quality has a massive role in your daily productivity and well-being, you must ensure to buy premium quality mattresses from trustworthy brands such as Kurlon mattresses

You can also get the King-size mattress price starting in different ranges. The Kurlon mattress is one of the most prominent mattress brands in our country that provides premium mattresses, giving you a comfortable sleep throughout the night. Since bed & mattresses have been a one-time acquisition for decades, it is better to conduct proper research. Kurlon mattress is designed with the latest technology with varying features that enhance sleep. 

From coir to foam-based and from orthopaedic to spring-based, the Kurlon mattress comes with a design that adapts to the needs of a broad customer base. You may also purchase Kurlon mattresses based on the size. The Kurlon King-sized mattresses are top-rated among the customers. You may compare the king-size mattress price with different brands. The Kurlon king-size mattress price is the lowest in the Bajaj Finserv store, available at no-cost EMI plans.

Let’s look at the prominent features of Kurlon mattresses that enhance your sleep:

  1. Sizes:

Different mattress size is one of the most significant features of the Kurlon mattress. It indicates that you will always get the correct size, no matter your bed size. King-size mattresses are ideal for large families, as they provide adequate room for the couple and their child to sleep. On the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you may compare different king-size mattress prices and select the best for your family. You do not worry about the king-size mattress price as it comes in accessible instalment facilities with zero down payments. 

  1. Material:

The Kurlon mattresses use premium quality material that allows a rejuvenating sleeping experience. You may get a spring option, coir option, memory foam, and even the orthopaedic mattress. All these mattresses have the best-bonded foam made of coconut fibres and quilts that enhances your sleep. Also, the materials they use are waterproof and dustproof, which means you need not replace them frequently. 

  1. Use of MSI Technology:

MSI technology in preparing the mattresses is the unique way to provide a complete dynamic feel and luxurious experience while sleeping. MSI technology separates movements from one side to another side, preventing your partner from waking up by your sleeping postures. 

  1. Ultra-fresh technology:

The ultra-fresh technology used by Kurlon mattresses during the manufacturing process keeps the mattresses fresh, preventing dust, bugs, and other bacteria from entering the mattresses and ruining your sleep experience. The dustproof mattresses will also have a hygienic sleep without any health issues.

  1. Advanced centre densification:

The advanced centre densification technology used by the Kurlon mattress prevents it from sagging and prevents it from getting damaged. The mattresses will retain their quality over an extended period without adding extra cost to your buying budget.

  1. Zero pressure point:

Do you have an ailing back? The zero pressure point used in manufacturing orthopaedic Kurlon mattresses alleviates your backaches. These orthopaedic mattresses reduce localized tensions around the neck and head instead of putting pressure points on the spinal cord. Thus, your lower back muscles get relaxed, and you will have a sound sleep without any discomfort. 

You may pick your best Kurlon mattress depending upon the features, specifications, budget, and size. Based on your preferences, you may choose the particular model best suited for you from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. Purchasing a new mattress might be an added expense; however, you should not deter investing. While buying a new mattress might seem a little daunting for your budget, the king-size mattress price from Kurlon in the Bajaj Finserv EMI store will make you think twice. The no-cost EMI store offers exciting cashback with zero down payments on various models, which means you need not pay a single rupee while completing the transaction.


A solid 8 hours of sound sleep is essential to your day in an active and brisk mindset. From coir to foam-based and from orthopaedic to spring-based, the Kurlon mattress comes with a design that adapts to your requirements and the needs of a broad customer base. Here are some of the prominent features of the Kurl-on mattress that will help you enhance your sleep. 

  • There are many sizes available with the Kurl-on mattresses, which makes them perfect for everyone. 
  • With this brand of Kurl-on mattress, you will get the options of choosing from spring mattress, coir option, memory foam, and even the orthopaedic mattress. 
  • The advanced MSI technology present in the mattress gives you additional comfort. 
  • The ultra-fresh technology keeps the mattresses fresh by preventing dust, bugs, and other bacteria. 
  • The advanced centre densification prevents the effect of sagging and looseness. 
  • The zero-pressure point in the orthopaedic Kurlon mattresses eases your backaches and keeps you healthy. 


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