Kunde: I still have time before I am at my best.


JUles Kunde was one of the outstanding performers in Barcelona win over Real Valladolid 4-0as the defender made his debut for the Catalan giants after finally being registered in La Liga on Saturday.

Despite being kept waiting for his debut at his new club, the former Seville The defender was in high spirits after the main whistle.

“I felt comfortable in both positions, although I prefer to play as a centre-back,” he said after making his debut at right-back.

“I feel good, although I still need to learn the concepts, but I am doing well.

“I still have some time to go before I am at my best. I came here to win titles and keep improving.

“I am happy to win. It’s very good that the team continues to gain confidence.”

Kunde praises Lewandowski

Barcelonanevertheless, the main summer signing Robert Lewandowski and he was in brilliant form when he scored the brace.

kunde played against the Polish striker during his career since Sevillebut overall he was more positive about playing on the same side.

“We already knew the player we signed,” I explained.

“He is a striker who has everything, he shows it with his goals and his game.

“He’s one of the best in the world and he helps us reach our goals.”


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