Kumail Nanjiani thinks his work at Marvel has heightened an ‘unhealthy’ relationship with food


kumail nanjiani it’s never been a superhero profile in the industry. The Pakistani-born actor started out with small roles in comedies until he made the definitive leap to sitcom Silicon Valley. However, Hollywood’s continued transformation toward increasingly diverse racial representation gave Nanjiani the opportunity to portray one of the Eternals in the Chloe Zhao-directed Marvel film. His role therefore did not require the performer to have a sculptural body, but he himself wanted Kingo not to respond to the stereotypes that other characters embodied by his compatriots had hitherto represented. Ultimately the physical change was brutal and now Nanjiani himself has said it could be a turning point in an “unhealthy” relationship he has traditionally had with food.

‘Eternals’ (Marvel)

In the conversation, Kumail Nanjiani discussed his background with the cultivation of what was culturally correct for his family: “Growing up, I was raised to believe that the body was bad, all the desires of the body are bad, and the soul wants good and the body wants bad. And I guess my whole sense of l Humor is also based on this dichotomy So the fact that I didn’t like body jokes is because ever since I was little I was taught to be ashamed of everything my body wants or does.”

‘Eternals’ (Marvel)

Nanjiani went on to explain how he understood the relationship with food in a strange way, always taking it “as a punishment or as a reward”, which ensures that it is really a shame to set limits, since Pakistani cuisine is absolutely delicious. However, after his drastic body change and although at first it seemed positive, now the actor wishes it wasn’t. “it’s going to take up so much space” in the head. “It made the discussion about my body exist in the public sphere. I have a complicated relationship with him.”the actor finally said.

‘Eternals’ (Marvel/Disney)

After Eternalsthe actor also appeared in the Star Wars universe, within the series of Obi Wan Kenobi. Asked about his return in a hypothetical sequel to Eternals, the actor confided that he had no news of the sequel. It doesn’t seem like Marvel is in a rush to follow up on the story of any of their projects. most critically unsuccessfulbut that doesn’t stop him from being able to save some of his characters like Kingo himself.


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