Kuleba asks Albarez “Spain to increase defense spending because Ukraine needs weapons to win”


The 4th La Toja-Vínculo Atlántico Forum held its inaugural session, focusing on Russia invades Ukrainea special public debate took place between the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Spain, Dmitry Kuraba Yes Jose Manuel delivery noterespectively.

hosted by Josep Piquewho was also the head of Spanish diplomacy two decades ago, and with the intervention of Spanish diplomats Joseph Borrellimprovising in the seats of those in attendance, the conversation culminated at the end, when Kuleba concluded his speech: “We need more weapons, we will ask Spain for them, we need it to increase defense for this expenditure. Only then can we win the war, and then it will be yours too.“.

For his part, the Spanish minister stood by the Spanish government’s “clear commitment” to Ukraine’s cause of “freedom, sovereignty and territorial integrity”.

Felipe VI presented the “La Toja Forum-Atlantic Link” award to Ukrainian Ambassador Serhii Pohoreltsev in the presence of José Manuel Albares and Josep Piqué.


In fact, he revealed how he was misunderstood at the start of the invasion: “The decision we took was not in line with the usual Spanish government, because we understood The challenge is not for Ukraine, but for global securitydeveloped Albares.

“But there are two key factors” that make everything clearer.Similarities to the fall of the Second Republic in 1936, “when the We Spaniards lost our freedom“In the face of the world’s lack of response to the military coup.” And the Europeanism of citizens, which is reflected in Ukrainian suffering also chooses to bet on the European way of life“.

The questions raised by Forum Chairman Peek centered on the definition of a new global security architecture that was in jeopardy during the Ukrainian invasion and after the war ended. “dramatic” shifts in geostrategic axes, the global impact of a conflict, in fact, “Don’t Care” Only the Westwhich has spilled over into the already open global hegemony dispute between China and the US.

“We have to insist,” Kuleba noted, “while it is logical that a war in Latin America, for example, would make Latin American countries more concerned, the war does have global effects, and assuming global challenge“, considering who the aggressor was – a nuclear power – and that it was an invasion that violated “international law and the Charter of the United Nations.”

In that sense, Albarez added, he came to “ask” colleagues in countries that have not publicly condemned the Russian invasion for their attitude. “They gave me two explanations”, was answered, “The Too much reliance on Russia politically and economically the most important is, We didn’t listen enough to your needs Enough to require them to take a belligerent stance now.”

Ukraine in the EU

There are different nuances, but due to the diplomacy implied by the position, Albarez and Kulba – except Borrell himself – have agreed Ukraine needs to ‘win’ the game And a two-way commitment between Kyiv and Brussels.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba speaks via videoconference at the Latoha Forum in Kyiv.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuleba speaks via videoconference at the Latoha Forum in Kyiv.


“it is necessary Ukraine joins EU soonas a full member”, defending the Ukrainian minister. “And not only We are willing to make all the reforms that we are asked to makebut we are already doing it, even in war.”

delivery notewho suggested about to start a new tour of Kyiv –Less than two weeks until the start of the race– Also reiterated support for Ukraine’s future EU membership.Yes, he highlighted two cases: first, mentioning “challenges of entry” because it is about A country “at war” and, therefore, “cannot make the same demands on other candidates”.

second, that ‘Other countries are also waiting’they may be upset if Kyiv is prioritized.

Quleiba used firm and elegant language to try to rebut the Spanish minister’s allegations, believing that he would join “as soon as possible”. Speaking on behalf of your President, Vladimir Zelenskythink it is “Europe’s vague attitude towards Ukraine over the past 30 years This is one of the factors that led to the Russian invasion.”

Albarez did not dispute this argument, but said that “everything has changed since February 24, the day of the invasion” and that “not even strategic compass Whether it’s the EU or Madrid’s strategic vision, coming out of the NATO summit will look like this.” If Vladimir Putin hadn’t decided to attack Ukraine.

Spanish minister finally ends his intervention, shows he believes ‘Soon, soon, Ukraine will be a free country again in the European family”.

Russian-Ukrainian War



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