Kuda urges users to update the app as the old version stops on January 9


Customers of Kuda, a digital banking platform, have been advised to update their mobile app to the latest version so that they can enjoy the new features built into the app.

A statement from the company said the additions to the recently updated app make it easier for users to have more access to financial products and services, including investments and transfers from the UK to Nigeria.

He said the recently launched money app for Africans in Nigeria and the UK offers convenient and easy access to frictionless and affordable financial services for users as transactions can be made faster and more smoothly.

To enjoy the new service, an existing account holder needs to update their Kuda app through the Play Store or App Store on their smartphone to download the new version of the Kuda app.

Thereafter, customers need to log into the app with their registered email address and old Kuda password once, and then create a new password. Once this is done, the old version of the Kuda app will be automatically deactivated and the updated version with the new features will be installed.

New customers can also be onboarded by downloading the Kuda app from the Play Store or App Store and signing up by following the sign up instructions in the app.

It is important to note that the old app will no longer be supported after January 9, 2023, so updating/downloading the new app is crucial for continued access to Kuda’s range of services.

Some of the new features in the Kuda app are currently not available in the older app.

The new version offers users investment opportunities as those in Nigeria can now buy shares in some of the world’s most successful companies and new start-ups at a fraction of the usual cost. Within minutes, clients can move away from local inflation to financial freedom.

Plus, the new Kuda app makes it easier to save rainy days with Pockets. This is because the updated app makes Spend+Save, a popular feature of the Kuda app, automatically save a preset fraction of card payments.

In addition, the new app is a simple UK account, as with a valid UK government issued ID and proof of a UK address, anyone in the UK can open a Kuda account on the UK to send money to any UK bank account (and receive money). directly.

Lastly, UK Kuda users can also send up to £10,000 to Nigeria daily for a transaction fee of just £3, and their Nigerian recipients can receive the money as a transfer or pick up cash at one of several banks in Nigeria. .




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