Kovacic reveals why Modric is so good


Matthew Kovacic you figured out the reasons Luka Modricsuccessful career ahead Chelseaquarter-final second leg of the Champions League against real Madrid Tuesday.

in Chelsea midfielder showed that modric was his idol when the current real Madrid the star went about his business Kovacicfavorite team, Dinamo Zagrebbefore joining Tottenham Hotspur.

“It’s hard to stop [Modric]” Kovacic said during Monday’s pre-match press conference ahead of Tuesday’s clash with real Madrid.

“He is an amazing player. I admired him when I was a child, when he played for my favorite club. Dinamo Zagreb.

“He has always been as good as he is now. As far as I know him, he remains at the same level, and it’s amazing. He loves football so much. He is a professional. If he continues like this, I can see him playing for [another] three or four years.

“It was nice and hard to play against him, but it’s never nice when you lose. I always prefer to have him on my team. go through.”

The Croatian player also stressed that Chelsea can still reach the semi-finals despite losing 3-1 real Madrid in the first match at Stamford Bridge.

“Of course we have a chance [to advance] and we are motivated to show ourselves better tomorrow,” added Kovacic.

“We didn’t have our best game and the result is not very good and the result is not very good in the last game. There is hope and motivation, we must show our best. It will be a quality game and we are looking forward to it. .”


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