Korean cosmetics: the keys to its incipient success in the field of beauty


In recent months, Korean cosmetics has gained an inescapable role in the world of makeup, and is not for less. Each and every one of the products that make it up have the mission of respecting the skin, which is why they do not contain parabens and use natural and special ingredients that create an impeccable sensation of purity in the dermis that has not gone unnoticed by TikTok users.

Model posing with a flower / Gtres

And it is that, the Korean beauty philosophy is unique in the world. It is a society that understands that skin care begins with health, creating specific routines to heal it deeply. Something that seems to have understood perfectly Silvia Moreno, bringing to light a range of beauty products that are formulated and manufactured in the medical laboratories of South Korea. All of them are characterized by being subtle and light in their texture, having health as a priority, as well as hydration of the skin and its illumination.

Taking these premises into account, the Silvia Moreno Korean Professional Cosmetics brand offers simple and effective routines, suitable for treating all kinds of skin disorders and achieving results that traditional medicine has not yet been able to achieve. But how do you get it? Thanks to the power of your assets. The Korean cosmetics in her line have carefully selected ingredients, many of them of exotic origin and unknown to the West, although little by little they are taking positions.

Model covering her eyes / Gtres
Model covering her eyes / Gtres

One of the great successes in the catalog of make up of Silvia Moreno is none other than the Spicule Cream OVACOa cream that incorporates a new avant-garde technology that has revolutionized the world of cosmetics completely, performing a bio-microneedling by containing natural micro-needles from freshwater sponges, which open thousands of micro-channels in the skin so that all the active ingredients penetrate into the deepest layers. In addition, it acts as a cream dermapen, with the advantage that it can be used on all skin types and for all types of alterations, including those of sensitive skin, giving a lifting effect that treats wrinkles, flaccidity, bags, marks. of acne, spots and stretch marks for a price of less than 58 euros.

Korean cosmetic products / Silvia Moreno
Korean cosmetic products / Silvia Moreno

On the other hand there is also Power Active Cream OVACOan excellent cream to reshape the silhouette due to its powerful fat burning, anti-cellulite, firming and circulation activating effect thanks to the presence of green mussels, which contain Glucosamide, Omega 3, Vitamin D and Calcium, components that act to relieve pain caused by joint diseases and arthritis, taking also an anti-inflammatory effect and antioxidants that stimulate the immune system. As if that were not enough, its effects are noticeable from the first application and it has a very powerful heating effect, which usually lasts between 20 and 30 minutes and then decreases its intensity until it becomes a relaxing and soft heat that can last for several hours for 25 ,20 euros.


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