Kombucha: Comvira is born, the healthiest beer on the market


September is understood by many to be the beginning of a new year, but it is not: update resolutions, end of vacation, return to school, routine, fulfill obligations…. Do not! Komvida Organic Kombucha, Spain’s leading Kombucha brand launches its new products Convilla, Tastes like the “beer-free” of beer (virra) because It is made with organic hops, and it tastes very healthy because it is actually green tea. Now is the time to enjoy all the flavors of fresh beer, fortunately it only has 5 calories! Great for keeping lines.

Convilla This is a bold, ingenious and very refreshing drink, perfect for people who want to take care of themselves but also want to have fun and enjoy leisure time. With this beverage, they can do this because it is a non-alcoholic beverage with all flavors: its smell, taste and appearance are similar to beer.it is Virus With v for life, Virus good.

Komvirra launches Kombucha / Ulled Communication

This beverage focuses on market segments that no longer drink alcohol, but also focuses on its natural audience, those who have already drunk kombucha; Everyone who cares about health but does not want to give up their taste. Its bubbles are natural (will not swell), it contains probiotics that provide many benefits and its label Clear label Provide clear information about its ingredients: organic hops, green tea, water, cane sugar and Scoby; only 5 kcal.

This is not a new Kombucha flavor: it is Komvida’s “beer-free”. Different products with the same value as other Komvida drinks: vegan, organic, unpasteurized and gluten-free. In Spain, the consumer market who prefers “no” beer varieties reaches 15%, the highest number in Europe, and the overall number is about 5%.

Kombucha characteristics

Friends who don’t know should pay attention, this drink is so fashionable It has multiple benefits.For example, it helps Improve the immune system, It removes toxins from the liver and body, helps better digestion and intestinal flora. Kombucha is made by natural fermentation of green tea and sugar from a bacterial and yeast colony called Scoby. In the process, Scoby almost ate all the sugar and produced bubbles, which gave it a very special feeling, similar to carbonated drinks.Among his followers, he has very prominent figures, such as Letizia or Tamara Falco.

Back to Komvirra, this is part of the drink Noro (No and Low), non-alcoholic and low-calorie, due to formula innovation, quality and experience improvement, this has become a global consumption trend. “With the launch of Komvirra based on organic hops and green tea, we once again consolidated our commitment to healthy products, after which there are months of research,” explains Beatriz Magro, one of the founding partners of Komvida.

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