Koeman: There is no solution to what happened when I left Camp Nou after Clásico.


Ronald Koeman was inundated Barcelona fans when he left Camp Nou after 2-1 Classical defeat real Madrid on Sunday, and there was no guard to protect him.

The Dutchman shared his thoughts on this matter and preferred to behave rather diplomatically.

“It’s true that I don’t like what happened when I was in the car, but I like people who knew better,” Koeman said on Tuesday during a pre-match press conference.

“I am where I need to be and I want to have fun. I know how it works. I want to enjoy it. If it’s eight years, if it’s three months, if it’s one year … no problem. “

When asked again about the supporters surrounding his car, Koeman provided a more detailed answer.

“I don’t think there is a solution. For me, this is a social problem, ”he commented.

“They are Barcelona fans or people with educational problems. They don’t know what rules and values ​​are.

“The atmosphere on the pitch, even with the score 0: 2, was the opposite. You don’t need to pay too much attention to these people.

“With the video, with the recording … we already see it here every day. It seems that it was just me, but you should know that the same thing happened with many players, with their families.

“Perhaps for me, as for me, it was more exaggerated. It even happened to [Carles] Puyol… You can’t just leave the field like everyone else. You must find a way. This is a social problem. “

Dembele’s future

Usmane Dembelecontract for Barcelona is drawing to a close next summer, and since the Frenchman has not agreed to a new deal, there is uncertainty about his future at the Camp Nou.

“The most important thing is that we want him to stay,” Koeman stated.

“It is key and high quality. Its purpose is to renew.

“It’s another matter if it doesn’t want to be extended. We need to talk as a club about how best to deal with this.

“We haven’t yet talked about what our strategy will be if it doesn’t last.”

Aguero to start?

Sergio Aguero opened his Barcelona score by scoring a consolation goal in the 97th minute after leaving the bench Classicalbut he’s not ready to play the full 90 minutes yet.

“He’s not ready for 90 minutes yet, but he is ready to start the game or the second half. He’s ready for more playing time, it’s true. ” Koeman noted.

De Jong is injured

Barcelona currently there are several injuries, with Frankie de Jong joining like Pedri, Ronald araujo and Dembele on the sidelines, and Koeman is worried about the situation in the infirmary.

“We are all worried about injuries. We are trying to analyze the situation so that the players can get better, ”he said.

“May be, Pedri will come out a little more. We should be concerned about this.

“That’s why we don’t set a date [the return for] Dembele, Pedri and Araujo… We talk about this every day. We know exactly what’s going on. “

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