Know Common Law of Talaq in Pakistan By Divorce Lawyer


Common Law of Talaq in Pakistan by Lawyer:

If you wish to know the law of talaq in Pakistan by family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan you may contact Nazia Law Associates. The abandoned common-law wife cannot remain in the rented home unless the landlord is prepared to agree to her staying there for the talaq in Pakistan by family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. The woman caught in this position is best advised to say nothing and carry on paying the rent. Once the landlord has accepted her rent, it will be difficult for him to deny that she is the lawful tenant.

Living Style:

However, the landlord can overcome this if he can prove that he thought the man was still living there and that the woman was merely acting as his agent in paying the rent. Suppose the man is the tenant of the family home and dies. In that case, the woman can claim the tenancy as his’ survivor.’ This is because the Rent Acts specifically allow a living to be inherited by a family member living with the deceased tenant. The courts have held that a mistress, or common-law wife, can be included as a family member for this purpose of talaq in Pakistan by family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan. Similarly, if the woman is the tenant, the man can inherit the tenancy on her death.

Correct Surname:

An adult can use whatever surname he or she chooses to use. It is the name by which s/he is commonly called that is the correct surname. Thus, Brown can decide to adopt the name Smith, and the change of expression will be valid. The only restriction on this is that the name change must not have a fraudulent intent (e.g., to use someone else’s checkbook). It also follows from this that a married woman need not take her husband’s name and indeed her husband is free to take her name if he so chooses.

Family Lawyer in Lahore:

Therefore, from the law’s point of view for the talaq in Pakistan by family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan, anyone can change their name as and when they choose, as long as they then use that name in everyday life. However, other people may not be prepared to accept such an informal change of name; in particular, banks, the DHSS, and other people who pay money to the person will want more formal proof of the new name. On marriage, a copy of the marriage certificate will generally be accepted as sufficient evidence, but otherwise, the person may need to produce one of the three following documents.

Note Signed:

A note signed by a respected member of the community for the talaq in Pakistan by family lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.  The note should confirm that the new name is the name by which the person is commonly known; however, an unofficial document of this sort is unlikely to impress a bank or other institution (although the passport office will usually accept it). A statutory declaration: The statutory declaration is an official way of formalizing the name change; it is a sworn statement (similar to an affidavit); a solicitor would probably charge £20-£30 for preparing it. A typical statutory declaration is shown overleaf.



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