Knitted dress, “must have” in your wardrobe in the season


There is no doubt about this in autumn We really don’t know what to wear. Time is against us. It may be cold when we leave the house, but the temperature will stabilize throughout the day and it will become warmer.That’s why when it comes to creating our best, this is the most complicated season It looks like, Although it is impossible not for this reason.From Look We will show you some designs of one of the star costumes You will be successful. It’s about a knitted dress, it’s a piece that has become must Therefore, this is indispensable in our dressing room. Most importantly, it can be used both for everyday and elegant dinners.

Asymmetric dress

One of the designs we can wear for those more formal events is asymmetrical because they provide a different touch to the whole.Online platform Shane They have an ideal model that fits all types of contours. A single product from size XS to size L only costs 16 euros. In addition, the brand usually has a 15% discount on all its products.

Shein knitted dress. /Shein

In addition, the brand usually has a 15% discount on all its products. Shein released three basic colors: white, sky blue and navy blue.

Oversized style

Zara It also has different designs in its extensive catalog.One of them is a style Oversized Brown, swan neck.This special style can be worn without any accessories Full outfit Make it simpler, or on the contrary, use XL accessories, as shown in the picture below.

Zara./Zara brown knitted dress
Zara./Zara brown knitted dress

The best part is that as far as footwear is concerned, they perfectly combine the two sports shoes Such as shoes or boots.

classic design

mango Recommend a knit dress with classic lines, very suitable for going to work. Mid-length design, round neck, flared skirt, French sleeves, built-in belt of the same fabric, to mark the waist and give it another style.

Gray midi dress with belt. /mango
Gray midi dress with belt. /mango

It can be purchased on its website and in physical stores at a price of 25.99 euros. In addition to gray, there is also black. These two basic models can help us get rid of the rush.

These dresses have stayed, because in a few seasons, they have become the best celebrity costumes to create Street style Now. On the other hand, if it is more refreshing than needed, the denim jacket will be the best partner for this outfit. There is no doubt that a perfect combination comes to victory.

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